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In loving memory of (5)

It is hard to measure the impact Bob Rae had on the founding of Logos Academy and LogosWorks. As husband to one of our co-founders, Connie Rae, Bob worked behind the scenes to create the financial support that was needed to launch and sustain a Christ-centered, independent school in York City. The dreamy vision in those early years was that kids in York who could not afford a high-quality, private education could find open doors at Logos Academy. Since our founding in 1998, multi-millions of dollars have been invested in the lives of these children. It was Bob and Connie’s own generosity and their business connections to corporations who participated in Pennsylvania’s EITC tax credit scholarship program that helped generate these resources. To say that Bob financially supported the changing of lives for today and eternity would be an understatement. 

Logos Academy will miss Bob Rae’s laughter and grumble. He once told me that he wanted his name on a plaque on a urinal. We have no plans to honor this outlandish request. 🙂 

We grieve today, but rejoice in the hope that Bob is resting in the presence of Christ His risen Savior. Thank you for continuing Bob’s legacy with your generosity to Logos Academy. 

In Christ, 

Rev. Aaron J. Anderson