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We need students of intelligence and character who live as agents of peace in their homes, neighborhoods, towns, and cities. Our commitment to offering a formative education, grounded in the love of Christ, for the children of this community is more resolute than ever. Your prayerful partnership and financial support is more crucial than ever. Thank you for your strategic investment in the peace-makers of tomorrow.

Will you join in our commitment to offering a formative, Christ-centered, classical education by making a generous contribution to The Fund For Educational Equity?

Christmas Giving

What is Fund for Educational Equity

In response to the expansion of our campus, The Fund for Educational Equity is Logos Academy’s new Annual Fund. The goal of this fund is to match our emerging physical capacity with the financial capacity to serve our current and future students.

Planning for the Future

When we moved into our location at 250 W. King Street in 2010, we never envisioned facing student capacity constraints. In 2019, we began developing campus expansion plans to double our student capacity. 

In March 2022, we opened the first phase of a $10.6M campus expansion that doubles our physical capacity to teach students. In the spring of 2023, the second phase was completed, including a gym, locker rooms, student commons, and a future kitchen. The new campus has space to educate 400+ students in time.

The goal we set in 2022 for The Fund for Educational Equity was to raise a $20M scholarship fund in 10 years to double our student enrollment and fill our campus with 400 students eager to reach their potential. As we look back over our first year in this 10 year goal, we are grateful that we are on track, thanks to generous contributions.