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In Memory of Scott Sides


Remembering a Friend

This spring, Logos Academy opened a new facility at 255 W King Street. The 10.9 million-dollar project was started just before the pandemic and the project has overcome obstacles of delay and cost increases. The new facility will serve as a K-12 educational facility and community center. 

The 27,000 sq foot building features 7 classrooms, gymnasium, locker rooms, dining hall, board room, community meeting space as well as office space which will house LogosWorks Partners and recently acquired marketing company, Pulsar Enterprises

Thankful for a Legacy

Inspired by the book, One Word That Will Change Your Life, Scott made it a practice to pick out a word at the start of each year to reflect on and live out in the year to come. The word he had chosen for 2020 was “thankful”. As we remember Scott, we are grateful to have benefited from his gracious presence. 

In honor of Scott Sides’ birthday on November 27th, family and friends are celebrating by giving to dedicate a room in Scott’s honor in our new high school space. We expect that as construction is completed in 2021 and gathering restrictions lift we will get to gather together to celebrate and honor Scott Sides. 

We’d love to have you join us by giving to Scott’s memorial fund and joining us at the event to come!