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"Intelligence plus Character" -Martin Luther King Jr.

Teacher (Non-Exempt, 10-month, Full-Time) Monday-Friday 7:30-3:30pm Starting late February – June 5

Reports To: Grammar/Middle School Principal

Minimum Requirements

  • Passionate commitment to Logos Academy’s five core values: Christ-centered, culturally diverse, community-minded, and classically trained, collaborative family partnerships
  • Commitment to advancing the mission of Logos Academy through hard work, innovation, and partnership with the fundraising department, and in good stewardship of all resources
  • Effective interpersonal communication practices, integrity with confidential information, organizational skills, strong independent project management, and ability to handle stressful situations with professionalism and flexibility
  • Proficient typing and editing skills. Strong writing ability given basic guidelines
  • Ability to joyfully interface with and respectfully serve a diverse audience, including board members, staff, students, families, donors, contractors, and vendors  
  • Strong commitment to the Christian faith as articulated by the Apostles and Nicene Creeds as well as regular attendance, fellowship, and accountability within a community of believers.
  • Living to the best of your ability to the community rule of life outlined in the Logos Academy Employee Handbook.
  • Commitment to helping Logos Academy in advancing the technology plan through personal growth and initiative.
  • Bachelor’s degree (required) and classroom management
  • State-level teacher certification and/ or experience teaching children (required)
  • Experience teaching within a Classical Christian school and/ or express willingness to be trained in Classical Christian Education (preferred)
  • Experience within a culturally diverse workplace or ministry and/ or express willingness to be trained in culturally responsive pedagogy (preferred)

Major Responsibilities

  • Plan and implement grade-level lessons and assessments in support of the curricular scope and sequence
      1. All daily lessons should be Christ-centered: helping students to recognize the beauty, wonder, order, and goodness of all things in God’s world and His story, over which Jesus Christ reigns as creator, sustainer, and savior 
      2. At least one weekly, lessons should include integration across multiple subjects areas and incorporate projects that involve the whole student (with physical activity as well as playful and creative input from the student)
      3. Model, demonstrate, and embody the values and goals expressed in our Portrait of a Graduate for all students throughout the school day, in and out of the classroom
      4. Contribute to the regular assessment and improvement of our curricular scope and sequence within your areas of instruction at the direction of the grammar & middle school principal
      5. Assess student progress in line with curricular benchmarks, identify remedial needs, and maintain academic records  
  • Develop and maintain a formative classroom environment and culture
      • Classroom setup and decorations should embody the grade-level curricular content and celebrate student work in a way that is inviting, intriguing, home-like, and orderly
      • Students should be clearly aware of teacher expectations and authority during every activity and transition throughout the school day and classroom culture should follow predictable rhythms of activity (moving between lively and restful
      • Implement all school policy and practices with regard to student behavior
      • Maintain behavioral records for regular parent communications, student records, and any outside professional assessment of students (requested by parents and approved by the school)
  • Maintain parent partnerships through a class newsletter, an annual home visit, and at least two parent-teacher-conferences per year (communicating all results to the grammar & middle school principal)
  • Maintain regular, professional, and Christ-like communications with colleagues, office staff, and school administrators
  • Receive and implement all direction from grammar & middle school principal and academic team with enthusiasm and humility

Please review our Faith and Values Statement

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We are Accepting Kindergarten Applications for the 2024-25 School Year.

Contact Teresa Rufo, Admissions Manager, for more information.