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Join us this Give Local York to Raise Funds for Education!

Join us as we give thanks to God for being able to offer a Classical and Christ-centered education to students in York County for over 25 years! Logos Academy offers excellence, opportunity, and hope in the lives of our students and their families, and we couldn’t have done it without the support of families, teachers, board members, generous donors, and community partners. Because many of our students experience financial hardships (65% are at or below the poverty level), your contributions help to fund student scholarships. These scholarships provide classroom materials, student experiences, and assistance with tuition. The cost to scholarship a student at Logos Academy is $8410 per year. Our full tuition is over $11,000 and most of our families qualify for substantial financial assistance, leaving the average family tuition responsibility to less than $3000 per year.

Helping every child achieve their full God-given potential, regardless of their economic status or demographic, is a team effort. In our oft-too-divided world, working together toward some common goal feels like a marvel. Yet over and over again, we have had the privilege to see how students’ lives are changed through our community! Collectively, we have challenged the status quo, which says that some kids are just destined to fail or will never amount to anything. The community that makes up Logos Academy resoundingly rejects this assumption. 

For 25 years, Logos Academy has offered all students a high-quality education that also saturates their hearts and minds with Christ’s love for them and God’s empowering call to achieve their potential. Thank you for doing your part to change students’ lives for one quarter of a century! And thank you for partnering with us once again this May for Give Local York! All funds raised will directly impact student scholarships through our Fund for Educational Equity. 

Ways to Give

(April 1st-May 2nd at 9PM)

3% goes to Give Local York for all credit card transactions
1% goes to Give Local York for all checks made out to Logos Academy

(Link visible May 2nd 9pm -May 3rd at midnight)

3% goes to Give Local York for all credit card transactions
1% goes to Give Local York for all checks made out to Logos Academy dated no later than May 3, 2024


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