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Student Life at Logos Academy



At the heart of our school culture is a commitment to relationships that are grounded in respect, responsibility, and repair.

Student Life at Logos Academy


Logos Academy is committed to shaping the minds and hearts of our students. Formation does not stop with the intellect, but extends to the whole person made in the image of God, including his or her physical, emotional, and spiritual development. Student life at Logos Academy is focused around community and tradition. Explore opportunities for your child below. 

Explore some of our best traditions below:

Our grammar school program focuses on building trust and a sense of family for our youngest learners. Each morning, roundtable (homeroom) gives students an opportunity to gather, connect, and pray. Throughout the year, students in our kindergarten through fifth grade program participate in weekly chapels, a Christmas concert, community field trips, and guest visits. In addition, we offer programs to enhance learning and growth through visits to our motor lab and school library. We also believe in the importance of family involvement, and offer many opportunities for families to visit, such as math night and Family Involvement Day.

By the time our students reach middle school, they have spent years laying the foundation for their education, which is grounded in wonder and worship. Our students begin each day with a time of prayer and fellowship. In our sixth through eighth grade program, students participate in weekly chapel services (with opportunities to lead chapel music), student retreats, team building activities, field trips, and guest visits. Students also participate in one of our most exciting traditions: Team Project Week, a collaborative week long project focused on a specific theme.

Each morning, high school students and faculty gather in the atrium for fellowship and prayer. We believe in starting each day together, in unity, with our hearts centered on Christ. Our sense of collaboration and commitment to one another is carried throughout the school year with many special traditions, including Team Project Week, student retreats, community service projects, guest visits, field trips, participation in local and national events such as Poetry Out Loud, and student government led activities.

In addition, our students’ senior year is marked by many celebratory events, including receiving a blazer, off campus lunch, senior thesis presentations, participating in a culturally immersive senior trip, and a special send off and graduation ceremony.